With the aim of continuous improvement in production techniques and innovating products, Signcomplex’s excellent R&D team has accumulated extensive experience and has made strides in enhancing product design through electronics engineering, heat-transfer simulation analysis, optical lens design, and lighting control system optimization.
Currently, we have been granted over 200 patents and software copyrights. We hope our in-house designed lighting products can provide customers with outstanding performance, aesthetically pleasing effects and excellent user experience.

R&D and Testing

Our research and development team consists of over 100 skilled professionals who conduct research on LED lighting shape design, electronic structure, heat-transfer simulation analysis, optical lens design, light control system and other fields. The vast majority of our products are designed in-house, and we have received more than 200 patents and software copyrights. Averagely, we can develop more than two types of new products and more than a dozen types of customized products per month.

  • Technology research and development office
  • Engineers were discussing the design effect of the outdoor LED light.

The lightning surge test provides reliable data for product research, trial production, acceptance inspection and product improvement. The ROHS testing is performed on machine components, raw materials and packaging materials. It can also offer us persuasive data which we use to check whether the incoming material is friendly to environment.

  • Lightning surge and ROHS testing

Reliability testing is a means of surveying, analyzing and evaluating the reliability of products. The test result provides a basis for fault analysis and research, thus enabling us to troubleshoot and determine whether the lighting product can meet the requirements of customers and our company.

  • A panorama of the reliability laboratory
  • Programmable constant-temperature and humidity test chamber

The mission of this laboratory is to test and analyze new products and perform acceptance inspection. In this lab, we can analyze and measure the failure rate of products when exposed to different environments. Customers can count on this lab to get reliable data, after a variety of tests for products have been completed. The main testing items include temperature, humidity, pressure, vibration, shock, safety performance and many others.

  • A panorama of the environmental testing laboratory
  • Three-box thermal shock test
  • Distribution photometer
  • The data displayed on the screen comes from our distribution photometer.

This lab is built for new product development and acceptance inspection. It houses a distribution photometer and an integrating sphere system available for photoelectric analysis. These two instruments can provide customers with reliable data support after testing our extensive range of lighting products.

  • The integrating-sphere system for photoelectric analysis
Product Videos
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