Hello, everybody! I am YuKi, and I work for Signcomplex. I would like to introduce you our LED strips. This product range includes but is not limited to normal series, digital strips, neon flex and rigid light bars.

What you see here are our furniture lighting products. Most of the products displayed here are Signcomplex LED panel lights. These product utilize ultra-thin edge-lit lighting and it operate with a light guide plate, which optimizes light uniformity up to 90%.

Our LED linear lighting features a space-saving design. It can be produced in a variety of shapes and creates a new modern style. This product is made from a high-quality aluminum alloy profile.

Hi, everyone! I am Sussie from Signcomplex. I will introduce you to our LED outdoor lighting product. Our outdoor lighting business division was established to produce all kinds of waterproof lighting products, including LED high bay lights, LED wallpacks, LED floodlights, LED wall washer lights, LED shoebox lights and many others.

The Signcomplex range of LED tubes take advantage of single-ended, high efficiency and non-isolated drivers, thus providing the advantages of excellent heat dissipation and high lumen value.

Our indoor lighting business division was established to produce downlights, track lights, and corn bulbs. Among them, downlights and track lights are mainly used for lighting applications.

The next product I want to introduce you is the Signcomplex lighting controller. The 2.4G RF network control system is included in this product range. I will show you how to use it.

Product Videos
  • LED Strip
  • LED Panel Light
  • LED Linear Light
  • LED Industrial Lighting
  • LED Tube
  • LED Corn Bulb & Downlight
  • Lighting Controller