Outdoor Lighting Production Line

The Signcomplex’s outdoor lighting production line is mainly used to produce high bay lights, flood lights, tri-proof lights, wallpacks and a great variety of other industrial lighting products.
By utilizing sophisticated and reliable production facilities, as well as strict quality control measures in the whole process, we realize fast response manufacturing on the basis of the needs of our clients and the market changes.

Outdoor Light Production Line

Here we own an independent SMT dust-free workshop. All the solder paste, furnace temperature, temperature & humidity of the workshop are controlled strictly. The SMT machine operates fast and with a high level of efficiency, which can ensure the quality of the surface mount components as well as the stability and efficiency of the production process.

  • Surface mount area
  • Detail of the surface mount machine

We have established four state-of-the-art outdoor light assembly lines. All of the assembly procedures can strictly comply with the QC engineering drawing, WI, ESD/chemicals management/skills assessment requirements.

  • Outdoor light assembly line

Our inspectors follow strict product inspection standards. They carry out insulation test, ground resistance test and electrical performance test, to ensure the electrical properties or safety performance of products.

  • Semi-finished product quality testing

The outdoor light production line is equipped with intelligent programmable waterproofing equipment and smart aging impact control system. We carry out waterproof, continuous and impact aging test according to IEC60529 (IP Code standard), which can avoid potential performance deficiency.

  • Outdoor light waterproofing test
  • A panorama of the outdoor light aging test room

Final quality control is a process used to confirm optical test report parameters and packaging according to specification and order requirement. It can ensure customers only receive high-quality products that operate safely and reliably.

  • Finished product testing
  • LED Strip Production Line
  • LED Tube Production Line
  • Outdoor Lighting Production Line
  • Indoor Lighting Production Line
  • LED Panel Light Production Line