LED Panel Light

What you see here are our furniture lighting products. Most of the products displayed here are Signcomplex LED panel lights. These product utilize ultra-thin edge-lit lighting and it operate with a light guide plate, which optimizes light uniformity up to 90%. White powder is sprayed on the surface of the panel light. We can offer a wide selection of shapes such as round, square, etc. These LED panel lights are ideal for a wide range of lighting applications. They can be used in combination with different intelligent light control systems. With these products, we can make our life more colorful than you ever dreamed.

LED Panel

Brief introduction to the LED panel
1. This product adopts ultra-thin side lighting principle.
2. It operates with light guide plate which contributes to light uniformity of 90%.
3. Optional panel shapes: round, square and so forth

  • Installation of the suspension wire of the narrow panel
  • 0-10V dimming up-and-down lighting panel light
  • Waterproof, round-shaped LED panel light
  • Demonstration of the round panel light
Product Videos
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  • LED Panel Light
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  • LED Tube
  • LED Corn Bulb & Downlight
  • Lighting Controller